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in the ways you deserve.

Black and African diasporic LGBTQ+/SGL people are often without access to safe and supportive environments—both at home and in public. Acknowledging the importance of safe and supportive spaces to gather and businesses to invest in, NBJC and Out in Tech have partnered to develop the Lavender Book—a crowdsourced web application built for and powered by Black LGBTQ+/SGL people.

The Lavender Book is designed to reduce the energy and effort that Black LGBTQ+/SGL people sometimes expend searching for a business, agency, or place of worship that is not only tolerant but competent to receive and welcome our patronage. Whether traveling to a new locale or searching for a new business in our own community, it is our hope that the Lavender Book will be among the first resources members of our community use to find and to highlight businesses, non-profits, and places of worship that are owned and operated by Black LGBTQ+/SGL leaders and who demonstrate consistency in competence and compassion in their approach to providing inclusive, safe, and affirming experiences for members of our community.

About Lavender Book

Finding safe, supportive, responsive environments—at home, at work, and in the world—remains elusive for too many Black and African diasporic LGBTQ+/SGL people.


NBJC and Out in Tech believe that our communities deserve to live, shop, travel, worship, dance, and gather where we are both welcomed and well-served. Together, we’ve created Lavender Book, a crowdsourced web application built for and powered by Black LGBTQ+/SGL communities.


Rather than spend hours web-searching, texting, and emailing to decide where to go, folks can turn to Lavender Book for recommendations and reviews by location, service, accessibility, and more. Can they style 4c hair? Are restrooms inclusive? Is the noise level high? Does the LGBTQ+/SGL church have a decent choir? Is the shop Black LGBTQ+/SGL-owned? The Lavender Book will track your observations, and those of people with similar needs, to make it easier to be in the world in the ways you deserve.

Whether you’re traveling 1,000 feet or 1,000 miles, we want Lavender Book to be one of your first stops for mapping the journey. Join today!

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