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COVID-19 X Holiday

COVID-19 X Holiday.  It’s going to be a long winter. Although some good news is percolating, we need to stay strong for a while longer.

COVID-19 is surging with tens of thousands of new cases being reported across the nation daily. Almost every single state in the U.S. is considered to be experiencing “unchecked community spread.”

Hospitals are overwhelmed, frontline medical workers are emotionally and physically exhausted, and people with other illnesses and medical needs are being forced to go without critical care. It’s a whole mess.

As you move through the winter season, prioritize your safety:

The Basics If You Decide To Leave Your Home/Bubble

  1. Mask up
  2. Keep it Short
  3. Keep it Fresh
  4. Keep it Clean (Gloves won’t protect you)
  5. Keep Your Distance
  6. Boost Your Immunity

Note: People can be contagious, but asymptomatic (without symptoms), which means you will not always know whether people near you are carrying the virus.

Note: Shouting, singing, and physical exertion spread breath and droplets further than regular breathing. If you choose to partake, triple your distance from others (18 feet or more).


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