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COVID-19 and You

COVID-19 is surging with tens of thousands of new cases being reported across the nation daily. Almost every single state in the U.S. is considered to be experiencing “unchecked community spread.”

Hospitals are overwhelmed, frontline medical workers are emotionally and physically exhausted, and people with other illnesses and medical needs are being forced to go without critical care. It’s a whole mess.

As you move through the winter season, prioritize your safety:

The Basics If You Decide To Leave Your Home/Bubble

  1. Mask up
  2. Keep it Short
  3. Keep it Fresh
  4. Keep it Clean (Gloves won’t protect you)
  5. Keep Your Distance
  6. Boost Your Immunity

It’s Safest To:

Avoid stores – where there’s risk of prolonged exposure (approx. 15 minutes or more), especially during the holidays when stores are likely to be crowded. If you can, order supplies, gifts, and groceries online or by phone. Have them delivered or pick them up curbside. Also avoid public spaces like movie theaters, arenas, and parades. The safest place to be during a pandemic is at home.

Stick to your home. Avoid prolonged contact with people outside of your immediate household.

If you have created a “pandemic pod” with other households, stick to that group. Keep any gatherings that pull from that group small (10 or fewer people) and short (2 hours or less)

Get together virtually! Have a digital gathering.

Share special occasions by prepping and delivering food or gifts while avoiding contact with others.

Note: People can be contagious, but asymptomatic (without symptoms), which means you will not always know whether people near you are carrying the virus.

Note: Shouting, singing, and physical exertion spread breath and droplets further than regular breathing. If you choose to partake, triple your distance from others (18 feet or more).


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