Thrive Campaign

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a national campaign led by the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) to celebrate students and their expertise while solving persistent problems impacting students and schools. Thriving Summits accomplish this  goal by building the capacity of student leaders, specifically racial/ethnic and sexual minority students, by exposing them to programs and practices that can improve their lives holistically. Specifically, Thriving Summits leverage partnerships with individuals and institutions to ensure that students who are traditionally under-supported have access to the learning and development opportunities needed to overcome poverty and enjoy sustained economic opportunity.


Thrive Summits: Challenge traditional notions of what students “need” and address the complex issues that students and their families face in the pursuit of cognitive, social, and emotional development opportunities.  They also invite community leaders and caring and concerned adults to work better together to support students and schools, especially those most often neglected and ignored. 

Thrive Summit Objectives:

What Makes The Thrive Approach Different? Thriving Summits acknowledge that, too often, education reform agendas do not account for the opportunities and challenges students identify as most salient to their learning and development.

Partnerships: Thriving Summits are produced in coalition with national and community based organizations to ensure the recommendations provided by students are addressed.  Partnerships are essential to the successful execution of Thriving Summits. Consider the following: 

Participants (What We Look for in Student Leaders): NBJC Seeks to Support Student Leaders Who: 

What Success Looks Like: A Few Examples Of Investments Made Following Thriving Summits: