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NBJC to Instagram: Deplatform Angela Stanton King

National Black Justice Coalition Urges Instagram to Follow Twitter’s Lead and Deplatform Angela Stanton King For Vitriolic Transphobic Posts

Stanton-King Appeared on an Episode of Dr. Phil That Aired Today

CONTACT: Anna Zuccaro | 

WASHINGTON, DC — The National Black Justice Coalition is urging Instagram and Facebook to follow the lead of Twitter and deplatform Angela Stanton King for vitriolitic transphobic posts that promote violence against transgender people.

In April, Stanton-King was suspended from Twitter after she threatened to assault a Black transgender woman. Stanton-King, a failed Republican congressional candidate and QAnon supporter, has previously equated supporting LGBTQ+ youth with supporting “pedophilia” and in February tweeted that her transgender daughter wasn’t “normal” and she wouldn’t accept her gender identity.

Stanton-King appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil, taped on April 5th, which aired today, May 10th, and included Ashlee Marie Preston, a Black trans woman and advocate to speak on the trans experience and offer ways to support trans youth. After the episode taped, Stanton-King slammed both Dr. Phil and the show’s producers in a video where she makes anti-trans comments and invalidated her daughter’s gender identity.

According to MetroWeekly: “Stanton-King also directed her transphobia at Preston, calling her “sir” and mocking her for being unable to have children.. Stanton-King followed her rant with a series of tweets which featured further transphobic attacks and misgendering of her daughter and responded to Preston’s support for her transgender child by telling Preston that if she caught her “anywhere near my children I’ll cut your dick off for you…”

A few hours after posting the tweet, Stanton-King’s account was suspended, although she remains active on Instagram.

David Johns, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition, America’s leading civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+, and same gender loving (LGBTQ+/SGL) people, including people living with HIV, explained: 

“Angela Stanton-King is in clear violation of Instagram and Facebook’s community standards and safety policies – using the platform to advocate for violence against transgender people, and spread violtritic transphobic hate. It is alarming that after being banned by Twitter for violent transphobia, some of which was even directed at her own child, Instagram and Facebook continue to let Stanton-King use their platform to spread hate and promote violence.

“With at least 23 transgender people having already been murdered so far this year, and 2021 on track to be the deadliest year for transgender people living in the United States on record, Instagram and Facebook have a responsibility to disrupt the normalization of violence against transgender people. 

“We urge Instagram and Facebook to do the right thing – and live up to their so-called community standards – by taking swift action to remove Stanton-King from their platforms.”

In the last few weeks alone, the National Black Justice Coalition has joined family, friends and community members in mourning the deaths of:

  • Jaida Peterson, a 29-year-old Black transgender woman found dead in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 4th.
  • Dominique Lucious, a 26-year-old Black transgender woman shot and killed in Springfield, Missouri on April 8th. 
  • Remy Fennell, a 28-year-old Black transgender woman shot to and killed in a hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 15th.
  • Tiara Banks, a 24-year-old Black transgender woman killed while sitting in her car in Chicago, Illinois on April 21st.
  • Natalie Lopez, a 24-year-old Black and Puerto Rican transgender woman murdered by her boyfriend in San Jose, California on April 23rd.
  • Iris Santos, a 22-year-old transgender woman shot to death outside of a Chick-Fil-A in Houston, Texas on April 23rd.
  • Tiffany Thomas, a 38-year-old Black transgender woman found shot to death at a car wash in Dallas, Texas on April 24th. 
  • Keri Washington, a 49-year-old Black transgender woman found dead outside her apartment building in Clearwater, Florida on May 1st.
  • Jahaira DeAlto, a 42-year-old transgender woman of color, who was stabbed to death Boston, Massachusetts on May 2nd.

The National Black Justice Coalition has tools here and here on how to reduce gender-based violence. To learn more about changing your local laws to increase protections for trans and non-binary community members, look here. The NBJC Stolen Lives list of trans and non-binary siblings lost to violence and hate can be found here.

The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) people, including people living with HIV/AIDS.